This shrine is dedicated to one of the most gorgeous bishounens ever created. Kamui Shirou is the main character from a manga series known as X, and a movie by the same name; created by 4 very talented female artists who are known as CLAMP.
Other than the manga & the movie, CLAMP had also released a music video which contains a 5 min. animation summary of the 1st 3 mangas otherwise known as X2.


Name: Shirou,Kamui
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Eyes: Dark Brown /Purple
Right Eye: 1.2
Left Eye: 1.3
Hair: Black w/ purple highlights
Height: 162cm
Weight: anyone know?
Occupation: High school student -2nd yr-
Nationality: Japanese
Ability: Haven't used his ability to it's fullest extent. But from what we know, he seems to create forces of energy in various shapes and ways. And is capable of levitation. His powers aren't limiting compared to the other characters.

Destiny: To choose either

  • to become and lead the Dragons of Heaven, to save the world from destruction caused by the Dragons of Earth. And to preserve the Earth as we know it.
  • to become and lead the Dragons of Earth, to destroy all mankind and their works on this world so that the Earth can start anew and heal itself.


A troubled youth who 1st appears to us as self confident, protective, short-tempered, cold, quiet, & quick to overreact. A person who is difficult to befriend & to gain his attention or his care. He seems to be an unapproachable guy. At this point, he only cares for his 2 childhood friends, Kotori & Fuuma. Even then, he try's his best to be cold & avoid them at all costs. He struggles to not get them both involved with him, yet he still wishes to keep his childhood wish; to protect them.

Known Relatives:
Father: Unknown.
Hmm... CLAMP seems to like to hide/avoid this character. So far,
we never met any character who's family name is Shirou. Obviously, there's got to be a reason why CLAMP refuses to let us know (for now).
Mother: Tooru Shirou -Lots of secrets from her too.-
Maiden name Magami. A family name who's destined to protect a

specific person/thing by sacrificing themselves for that one thing. Seems to be a loving mother to Kamui and encourages him to make the right decision by protecting the ones he loves. It was she who told Kamui to go back to Tokyo, after a six years absence, to meet his destiny.
Aunt:: Takiko Magami -Oh, hell... The whole family is mysterious.-
Sister to Tooru and ultimately bears the destiny of the Magami name.

Unaware to Kamui that he would have another living relative. Takiko works in
Kamui's new school as the school's nurse.

Childhood Friends:
Kotori Monou: A sweet, innocent, and fragile girl who lives with her brother and father in the shrine. It was because of her mother's death that signaled Kamui & Tooru to move away 6 years ago to prevent more deaths. Kamui made a promise long ago, to forever protect Kotori. She cares very much for her dear Kamui and I guess it's safe to say that she's Kamui's only sweetheart. But sadly to say, her destiny is to die by the hands who loves her. And somehow, her death does involve the end of the world.
Fuuma Monou: Kamui's best friend who acts very much like an older brother to Kamui. Kamui transfers to his school and attends it with Kotori. He made a promise to Kamui in their childhood to protect him. But sadly, his destiny is to go against Kamui and become his twin star. Later on, Fuuma's current personality gets suppressed & a different one emerges.


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